Mr Manchette

Be open to new fashions. Honest and beautiful

Mr Manchette is a Belgian brand of men’s shirts. Both at work and in his spare time, you will often find Mr Manchette wearing a shirt. Sometimes he wears it casually over jeans and pants, sometimes it’s meant for wearing with classy suits.

Through the shirts Mr Manchette wants to convince men to be open towards honest and ecological fashion. Hence our slogan : “Uncuff your style”.

Respect is the main thread running through Mr Manchette. Our production centers on Respect for Mankind and for the Environment. We choose organic cotton and fair production. Neither the designs nor the fabrics are season-sensitive. We are set against the current fast-fashion culture and resolutely choose sustainable fashion.

Durable class

The shirts are made of 100 % organic cotton digitally printed with ecological dyes. This means that no harmful pesticides or chemicals are used in the cultivation of the cotton, its processing and the colouring of fabrics. Which is beneficial to the workers, the environment and… your skin.

We collaborate with different workshops, as close as possible to the production of the cotton. In this way we reduce the ecological impact as much as possible.



In Portugal, we collaborate with a family workshop near Porto. The workshop collects the rests of fabric and delivers them to another company that recycles them into … paper. We use that very paper around our shirts to protect them, and so we avoid the use of plastic bags. We also insist on using cardboard collar protection. Should any plastic be used, it is recycled plastic that we collect after use and return to production.




We collaborate with a workshop in Nepal where the fabrics are woven, dyed and processed. Only organic cotton and ecological dyes are used there. This fair trade workshop is linked to an orphanage housing 43 children between the ages of 11 months and 10 years at this moment.