Eerlijke klasse

Mr Manchette brings stylish men’s shirts. By doing so he also wants to persuade people to open their minds to fair and sustainable fashion. From fabric to confection, from product to sales. The love and respect both mankind and the environment are woven into each shirt.

Ons verhaal

How to combine sustainable and fashionable? Originality to fair production? This is key to Mr. Manchette.

Passionate about all things fair and driven by fashion we express our creativity in men’s shirts. There was a gap between wearable and sustainable, between nice to wear and fair. So as of the start Mr. Manchette choose fair production – the shirts are made in Portugal, by premium shirtmakers. Soft fabrics, free of pesticides and harmfull chemicals, with a lot of attention to upcycling and the use of pure and eco-friendly resources.

Onze waarden

Through the shirts Mr Manchette wants to convince men to be open towards honest and ecological

fashion, with respect as key woven through the entire collection, respect for the farmers growing the cotton, the weavers, the dyers, the shirtmakers and the enviorment. By bring stylish men’s shirts we want to convince men to be open towards honest and ecological. Hence our slogan : “Uncuff your style”. Be open to new fashions. Honest and beautiful




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