People often ask me why I started Mr Manchette.


In fact, it started out of personal necessity, since we couldn’t find any sustainable shirts in my husband’s style. As a joke, he suggested that I had to make them myself. I usually add, jokingly, that I am a good wife and that I always listen to my husband.

I put the idea on hold for a while, but I did make him a shirt back then. The reactions were so positive that I concluded a market study. This study showed that there is indeed a demand for ecologically and fairly produced shirts. However, I didn’t want to make ecological shirts only for those actively looking for them. With Mr Manchette, we want to incite all men to choose fair trade fashion. Hence our motto: Uncuff your style.




The most important criterion for buying clothes is the way they look. Nobody buys clothes which he or she doesn’t like. So naturally this aspect is at the top of our list. For us, it is only a matter of course to work with ecological fabrics and fair production. We choose shirts that can be worn just as well in a business setting as in a more casual setting, so customers can choose different styles for one shirt.

Each shirt that we sell is one step ahead in the direction of slow fashion and fair fashion and is my humble contribution to a better world. Customers’ positive reactions and compliments still create a small feeling of victory time and again.

Recently, I compared Mr Manchette’s Path with climbing the Himalayas: there have been many challenges but many more will follow. The Himalayas are our metaphore for our higher purpose, especially since there are days when I feel like I’m unable to climb a small hill. For most challenges, however, my final, new solution brings me one step closer to shirts that are even more stylish, more ecological and more honest. In the end, one only grows better through adversity.

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